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Newsroom in change


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At Ifra, we are always on the lookout for new technological trends and original forms of organisation in order to improve the effiency of newspaper operations. We tend to see people not as they are now, but as they could be if they used a new tool or worked by a given method. Sometimes, engaged in our constant search for the ideal model, we take note that for you, as editors in chief who must subsequently put these new "strokes of inspiration" to the test, the task seems tough or even insurmountable. Therefore this Special Report is a homage to what you do, what you want to do and what you could do, because you are the ones who take action, often with very limited room to manoeuvre. It is just over a year ago, with all types of experimental projects running through our minds, that we felt the need to meet with you, talk to you about yourselves, your teams, your industry, your mission, and how you see what is happening around you. What does it mean to be editor in chief of a newspaper today? Is journalism resisting the temptation to diversify offered by newspaper operations or media groups? Which are the desirable developments and which ones do you fear? Although the series of case studies published in this Special Report do not have any statistical value, they do offer a representative overview of the tests being carried out worldwide. And you will be surprised to see that, no matter where it is you are working in the world or the level of integration of the various different media in your newsroom, you will undoubtedly have many points in common with some of them. No matter what type of reporting you specialise in, it is always a vital to establish what information readers expect

IFRA Special Report
Arnould, Valérie



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2002-05-02 01:00

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