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This registration process will take you less than 5 minutes and includes the following steps:

Step 1 – Personal profile

Step 2 – Company profile

Step 3 – Entries registration

Step 4 – Payment

Step 5 – Registration summary

Please fill in the requested information at each step. Click the "next" button to move to the following step and the "confirm" button at the end. A * indicates a required field or area.

If you wish to register more entries, you will be able do so by clicking the “Register more” button at the end of the registration process.

Online payment

WorldPayYou can use our secure online payment gateway for payments. Both Visa and Mastercards are accepted.


Asian Media Awards Registration


I wish to register for the Asian Media Awards 2018

Personal Profile

Contact information

Need help with registration

If you have any questions on the registration process, payment or submission of entries, please call Wilson Leong on +65-6562 8446 or email

Step 3 – Entries registration

The 3rd step allows the registration of entries for different publications or services from the same company:

- Enter an unique name of your publication or project as this will be use in the trophy engraving and press release. (Please do not use a general name e.g Newspaper Cover)

- Select the categories you wish to register for.

- Continue to add more if you have more than 1 entry to register.