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Asian NewsMedia Focus (ANF)

Asian NewsMedia Focus (ANF)

ANF's special brand of reporting not only helps you to get a better grip on developments in the industry. We interview the most successful top executives and tell you where they’ve been, where their companies are today and the direction they are headed.

Asian Newspaper Focus has a circulation of 2,500 copies for its Asian edition and 1,500 copies for its Indian edition. It consequently reaches quarterly in print 3,000 to 5,000 plus qualified readers – mostly senior management executives of newspapers.

ANF is also available in an e-paper version on our website or on the Wan-Ifra App which is available for iOS or Android devices.

Asian Newspaper Focus is the platform that allows you to get your marketing message consistently to the right buyers. Asian Newspaper Focus – for everyone who is serious about the newspaper business in Asia.