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DNI funding paves the way for new WAN-IFRA Media Management Accelerator learning platform

DNI funding paves the way for new WAN-IFRA Media Management Accelerator learning platform


Thanks to financial support from the Google Digital News Initiative (DNI), the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) will launch a cutting-edge programme dedicated to promoting the development of new business models, training top talent in media companies, and accelerating their transformation in today’s ever-changing news ecosystem.

WAN-IFRA will utilise its unmatched expertise and global network to create an open, comprehensive, online and in-person learning platform called the Media Management Accelerator (MOOC). The programme will feature in-depth learning modules, led by industry experts, focusing on the crucial topics of:

  • Revenue Strategy
  • Using Data to Drive Growth
  • Innovation & Culture
  • Paid Content
  • Digital Advertising 

"The vast majority of WAN-IFRA members are small and mid-size businesses spread throughout the world. They should greatly benefit from a user-friendly, easy-access, agile, and modern learning toolkit such as the Media Management Accelerator,” said Vincent Peyrègne, WAN-IFRA CEO. “The broad reach of MOOC's platform, the in-depth modules combined with a certification is a formula that will benefit news professionals, not only in mature countries but also in countries where news professionals do not have easy access to professional coaching, qualified training facilities, and networking capacities.

“Google's DNI fund allows us to develop a service that would not have been accessible to our network without its support. It accelerates and advances the best solutions to the market, without discrimination,” Peyrègne added.

A catalyst for a faster transition

By offering an open platform to efficiently distribute WAN-IFRA’s library of global best-practice and frontline insights from its panel of experts, WAN-IFRA’s Media Management Accelerator will serve as a catalyst for a faster transition towards a sustainable digital news business environment.

To that end, offering a programme that will touch different levels of rising talent and management will have a cascading effect on each participating news organisation.

“The inherent advantages of open, online courses, combined with WAN-IFRA’s global reach, know-how and guidance will enable media managers, executives and the entire industry to quickly and efficiently develop the understanding required to operate and innovate the business of news publishing in the digital age,” said Ben Shaw, Director of Global Advisory at WAN-IFRA, who will be driving the project. “We are pleased that Google shares our vision for accelerating the development of new innovative business models for news.”

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As the trusted, global partner for news media at the forefront of press freedom, quality journalism and innovative and sustainable business and technology models, WAN-IFRA has been proactively supporting news publishers’ digital transformation for over 15 years. With our representation of more than 18,000 publications and over 3,000 companies, WAN-IFRA can uniquely connect the best practices and insights that are driving the news media’s digital transformation with newsrooms around the globe.

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