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Inkjet Newspaper Printing

Inkjet Newspaper Printing

Newspaper printers, as service providers to publishing houses, can use digital printing 
to create additional business. Printers can offer new services with short print runs and personalised printing. They might also attract new printing customers, such as event organisers, associations, institutions and ad agencies.

A creative approach is needed

Digital printing enables new business processes. If it enters the newspaper sector, it will not replace another printing process, but open up new business opportunities. Publishing houses, printing plants, distributors and printers are called on to take a creative approach to digital printing, to develop niches, establish new services, and offer innovative and interesting media products that previously were not feasible.

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  • To make the best use of industrial inkjet digital printing in a newspaper environment, it is imperative to identify the applications and niches that can be served better and at lower cost by digital printing than by conventional printing processes.

  • Will digital printing replace the offset process in the future? Does the advent of digital webfed presses herald the end of coldset newspaper printing? There is at any rate a growing interest in digital newspaper printing, and the topic is increasingly being talked about in the industry.