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Most printers have automated reel identification by using the bar code that is printed on the label, which all newsprint manufacturers can provide.
There are different bar codes used which differ from one another.
The most used bar code in Europe is the WAN-IFRA recommendation, Interleaved 2/5, with 16 digits (see description and list of manufacturers codes in the attached document).

Normally the bar code is printed at the bottom of the reel label. For automatic reading it is recommended to have a second lager bar code on the reel label. The dimensions for the larger bar code are 44 mm x 77 mm, and it should be placed vertically at the right bottom corner of the label.

If needed, the larger bar code or the smaller ones can be printed on peel-off stickers, depending on the customer’s needs and the technical possibilities of the paper manufacturer.

A common problem in reel identification using bar code is a high incidence of unidentified reels. The most frequent cause of trouble is simply a damaged label. When the label on the reel wrapping has been damaged during transportation and loading/unloading, the only way to identify the reel is manually.

Download The 16-digit bar code by WAN-IFRA (PDF, 162 kb)

Download WAN-IFRA Bar Code List 2019-04-08 (PDF, 177 kb)