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Uwe Dulias

Uwe Dulias

Managing Director, RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND), Germany

Uwe Dulias started his career as a sportswriter at „BIlD" in 1981. He was sports editor at Hamburg Morgenpost from 1987 to 1990.

He then held further leading positions in journalism as editorial Director or deputy editor-in-chief at Berliner Kurier (1990 - 92), Hamburger Morgenpost (1992 – 95), DIE WELT (1996 – 98) and BILD–Zeitung (1998 – 2001). He founded the consulting company DMS in 2002 and worked for Ringier AG in Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia and Romania.

He has been at Madsack Media Group since 2012. Initially as Editor-in-Chief for new business devolopment. In 2013, Dulias took over the management of RND, RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland.

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