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Nasr Ul Hadi

Nasr Ul Hadi

Knight Fellow, HT Media Ltd, India

ICFJ Knight Fellow Nasr ul Hadi works with HT Media Ltd., in India to develop and expand the use of news technologies and improve access to quality information.

Hadi has a wide range of experience in journalism, from print and radio to television and photojournalism. He will use his extensive skill set to create an effective and efficient editorial workflow for newsrooms in the region.

Prior to his fellowship, Hadi worked as a consultant for several digital media companies, where he developed strategies for data-led news planning, construction, presentation and distribution. He also taught digital media courses at AdiantaSchool in New Delhi.

From 2008 to 2010, Hadi worked as a chief sub editor for India’s largest network, New Delhi Television (NDTV), where he strengthened his broadcast, online and social media skills.

Hadi was previously a senior copy editor for the Times of India and a producer for Reliance’s Big 92.7 FM radio station. Hadi earned a Masters of Science in Journalism and Digital Media from ColumbiaUniversity in 2012. He also has a degree in Engineering from AligarhMuslimUniversity in India.

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