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Kukuh Sanyoto

Kukuh Sanyoto

Journalist, Advocate, Teacher

Kukuh Sanyoto has spent nearly 30 years as a journalist in Indonesia and also as an advocate of press freedom and of the importance of helping the next generations become active citizens of a democracy.

He founded the Indonesian Press & Broadcast Society whose main agenda is press freedom and freedom of expression, resulting among others in the enactment of the Press Law, Freedom of Information Law, and amendment to the Constitution to include broader Human Rights (Article 28). He also created and ran the first NIE (newspapers in education) activities for the Indonesian publishers assocaition, SPS, and has taught at several universities.

As a journalist, he worked at several national and international media, both print and broadcast including Indonesian Observer, The Jakarta Post, RRI, RCTI, CNN (in Spanish). He has lived and studied abroad in the United States, Hungary, Myanmar, Argentina, Tanzania, Spain and Venezuela.

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