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3) Hackathon-App Develop

3) Hackathon-App Develop

Topic: Hack-a-thon on app development

Date: Friday, 13th September

Time: 9:30 am – 5:30 pm

Venue: Parijatha, BIEC Conference Complex

First part will be a workshop using The Design Method™ and this will help the lead teams of developers, journalists, and designers to swiftly move through the steps of forming a presentable concept for an original app, web site or mobile redesign. This part will have:

- Lectures and discussions on responsive design

- "App direction” case studies

- Phases of the Design Method™ to develop, refine, mockup, debug and present 

  the concepts.

The second part is the ‘Competitive Part’ where teams of journalist, develop & graphic designer works together to to showcase some fresh ideas or concepts.

What you get out of this workshop: From brainstorming ideas to scoping, scheduling, and execution you’ll develop the skills to effectively organize and develop almost any new idea for a new product or services into a refined concept suitable to pitch to decision-makers.

Participation is limited to 10 multidisciplinary teams (a journalist, a developer and a graphic designer)

Workshop chairperson: Robb Montgomery

RobbRobbRobb Montgomery consults on multimedia technology, training programs and new product development for media groups worldwide. He is the author of the S.M.A.R.T. Media Lab in Tbilisi, Georgia and has been working with Radio Free Europe to develop a reporter’s app and advanced smartphone training courses for their reporters in Prague, Moscow, Bishkek, and Tbilisi.

He has developed training and consulting projects for Axel Springer, IREX, 24 Sata, Poynter, Leadership, Toronto Star, 7 Days, Egypt Media Development Program, France 24, Chicago Sun-Times, and RFE/RL.

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