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9th Middle East Conference


9th Middle East Conference


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Thursday, 13. March 2014

  • 10:00

    10:00 – 11:00 Growing print with segmentation and right targeting
    Devil is in the detail, and indeed, in customization! Print readership can be grown significantly through segmentation of the consumer, followed by appropriate customization of format, content and mode of reach. In this presentation, we will share successful case examples on this topic, from the ABP group in English and regional language dailies.
    DD Purkayastha, Managing Director and CEO, ABP Pvt. Ltd., India

  • 11:00


  • 11:30

    11:30 – 12:00 Form, Function and Monetisation in Mobile and Tablet
    Strong mobile and tablet strategy has never been more important, and the options facing publishers never more confusing. This presentation brings clarity to this crucial area of development for any publisher - and a pathway through the minefield of options.
    Matt Kelly, Former Publisher Mirror Digital and Publishing Consultant, Cases i Associats, UK

    12:00 – 12:30 Powerful Strategies to turn your on-line reach into powerful business
    Mohammed Alharti, Editor-in-Chief, Sayidaty Magazine – The Saudi Research & Publishing Co.

    12:30 – 13:00 Innovating and Winning with business models
    Have you ever been confronted with outdated business models? Loss of market share? Poor revenue generation? Poor margins? Fragmented strategies? If any of those problems sounds familiar, you should not miss this presentation.
    Ed Capaldi, The Growth Catalyst, Dubai, UAE

    CEO & Founder Ed Capaldi LLC, UAE

  • 13:00
  • 14:30

    14:30 – 15:00 From single to double width – a success story continues
    As print order and pages/copy increase, high speed double width presses are inevitable to contain the high cost of production and still meet deadlines.But the transition from single width to double width presses is not esay sailing.It requires detailed study and selection of best configuration for a given situation and requires hard training for operators.
    P K Philip, Chief General Manager, Works, Malayala Malamarama, Kerala, India

    15:00 – 15:30 Flying the Press: Simulator-based training for newspaper printers
    WAN-IFRA's Research and Material Testing Centre in Chennai installed a web-offset press simulator from Sinapse in 2011 and since then have trained over 650 pressmen across India. What is the training technology and how does it benefit technical staff? A case study.
    Anand Srinivasan, Research Engineer, WAN-IFRA, India


    15:30 – 16:00 Coffee break


    16:00 – 16:30 Success in Print: News UK’s innovative strategies for growth
    During a time when the focus of many publishers is digital development, News UK is determined to ensure that its evolving business model keeps print very much at its heart.
    Rob Hedges, Sun Deputy Managing Editor, News UK

    16:30 – 17:00 Industrial inkjet
    Bubble or innovation push for newspapers?
    Digital printing has been considered to offer the contrary of what newspaper production needs: high-speed and low-cost  printing of large numbers of copies. But both the strategic orientation of newspapers and the efficiency of industrial inkjet printing are continuing to develop. Suddenly former contradictions appear to match up. 
    What can modern digital printing offer? What are the niches of newspaper publishing that can be handled with new production tools? How can coldset offset and inkjet work hand-in-hand to create new and exciting newspaper products?
    Manfred Werfel, Deputy CEO, Executive Director Competence Centre Newspaper Production

    WAN-IFRA Deputy CEO, Germany

Date and Location

  • 12 Mar 2014 - 13 Mar 2014
    United Arab Emirates

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