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Journalists Killed in 2019

Journalists Killed in 2019

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Our organisation actively monitors the cases of media employees who pay the ultimate price in their efforts to bring us the news.

A way of honouring the courage and determination of men and women who lose their lives while reporting on conflicts, challenging governments or investigating corruption and crime, WAN-IFRA highlights the number of journalists who have been confirmed as killed in the line of duty or targeted because of their work. These figures are collated by the Committee to Protect Journalists and rely on a specific methodological approach, using terminology that helps in the analysis of each incident.

Killed in 2019: (motive confirmed)

Norma Sarabia Garduza, Tabasco Hoy,Diario Presente
11 June 2019, Mexico

Obed Nangbatna, Télé Tchad
25 May 2019, Chad

Francisco Romero Díaz, Quintana Roo Hoy,Ocurrió Aquí,Quinta Fuerza
16 May 2019, Mexico

Lyra McKee, Freelance
18 April 2019, UK

Leonardo Gabriel Hernández, Valle TV
17 March 2019, Honduras

Rafael Murúa Manríquez, Radiokoshana FM
20 January 2019, Mexico

Mohamed Ben Khalifa, Freelance
19 January 2019, Libya

Ahmed Hussein-Suale Divela, Tiger Eye Private Investigations
16 January 2019, Ghana

Source: CPJ

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