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Atex announces partnership with EzyInsights

Atex announces partnership with EzyInsights

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Stockholm, November 20, 2018 – It was not long ago that the success of a news organisation was measured by its web traffic. Page views and number of unique users were the goals of newsroom strategies and the figures that dictated advertising pricing.

Although these numbers are still important, there are new metrics that are helping newsrooms understand their readers and reach financial goals.

Social engagement reveals what content users find compelling and what motivates them to endorse (or attack) it publicly.

EzyInsights provide real time views on social post performance with the additional benefit of providing comparisons against posts on the same subject by competitors.

EzyInsights tools are also used for content discovery, with configurable dashboards that give an overview of the fastest engaging content published on the social sphere.

Atex and EzyInsights have now partnered to offer the EzyInsights tools to their customers, with a roadmap that will also integrate the Ezy experience right inside the Atex Digital Media content production suite.

The goal is to make it possible for journalists to view how their stories are performing and, using the same application where they manage their content, also allow them to monitor social analytics.

While writing a story, the discovery features of EzyInsights will provide instant access to articles on the same subjects that have surfaced on social networks. Content publishing optimisation tools will tell editors when it’s the best time to post an update on social networks.

If you want to know more about EzyInsights, please contact an Atex representative.

About Atex
Atex is a global software company providing solutions to the media industry.
Our platform, Atex Digital Media, is based on future proof technology and provides an innovative approach for news organisations to produce content efficiently and reach their audiences on any channel.
For further information, visit or reach Atex at

About EzyInsights
EzyInsights is an international software company providing news gathering and publishing optimisation tools for newsrooms and journalists. The EzyInsights Realtime platform runs on the cloud, tracking over a hundred thousand websites and social pages for trending news and reader engagement.The industry standard in the Nordics, with customers in 18 countries, EzyInsights is available as a web-app, mobile app and TV Dashboard.
Learn more about EzyInsights at



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