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Print On Demand

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WAN-IFRA has always contributed to the development of publishing industry through various research and special reports. For over five decades now, our reports spoke on the development of editorial systems, communication systems for publishing, printing presses, materials what not, every functional aspect of publishing has been covered.

Sometime, when we look back to some of the reports published few decades ago, are still contemporary. We had recorded some of the expert remarks on future of publishing in 60s, even before the computer age, are well exact to what is happening now.

Some of our ground zero reports are still could be used as a bible for beginners.  For example, anybody who wants to have in-depth knowledge about what is all about lithographic printing and what materials are being used in printing should read Newsprint and Newsink guide. Lot of such reports are available from WAN-IFRA in different domain.

Why Print on Demand?

As the years rolls down, people may not remember that all such reports are still available, and are still in demand. Therefore, to make it available for those who are interested, we have planned to create a “Print-on-Demand” page wherein you can find a list of reports under distinct categories.

Basic idea behind “Print-on-Demand” is that, instead of printing a whole book, you can choose any number of pages which you wanted to read and archive in your library, we print and deliver it to you. 

How to get your printed report?

Our reports are put under broad categories such as Business, Journalism, Presses & Production and so on. Some samples reports under these headings is given in the attached catalogues. Open the catalogue and browse through the list of reports or search the report you wanted to have a printed copy. For the reports of larges sizes, please note the section of the report you wanted to print and also notedown the report code. Upon clicking the report you will be navigated to the report page in our WAN- IFRA page where you can read a breif note on the report. 

Once you have decided to print the book, click the Print On Demand tab, and fill up the details therien and pay. Within a week time you are report will arrive on your doorstep.

Please contact us for more information. 



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WAN-IFRA South Asia, headquartered in Chennai, started its operation in 2001 as a private limited company registered under the Indian Companies Act. But the origin of IFRA in India dates back to 1992 when the services of IFRA, with only an Annual Conference, were offered in this country through a representative office. From this modest beginning, it today stands as a separate company catering to the needs of the Indian news publishing industry. Read more ...