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“Gazeta Wyborcza” partners with “The Wall Street Journal” on content and digital subscription

“Gazeta Wyborcza” partners with “The Wall Street Journal” on content and digital subscription

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06.10.2017 – "Gazeta Wyborcza" has begun cooperation with “The Wall Street Journal”. As a result Polish readers will be able to buy an access to digital edition of "WSJ", and "Gazeta Wyborcza" and will publish the most interesting articles from the American daily, whose authors have won the Pulitzer Prize 37 times. The collaboration will start on Saturday, October 7th with an issue of a special 12-page supplement “The Wall Street Journal”, which will be available in Polish as a part of the weekend edition of "Gazeta Wyborcza".

Starting on October 7th "Gazeta Wyborcza" will offer a special digital subscription bundle combining an access to the content published on and - both through the website and in the mobile application. The customers will be able to purchase an annual or monthly package that will initially be offered at a promotional price.

Additionally, as part of the cooperation between the two dailies, readers of “Gazeta Wyborcza” and will be able to read in Polish the most interesting recent publications of “The Wall Street Journal”, receiving even more information about global politics, economics, culture and new technologies.

- "Gazeta Wyborcza" shows its readers many different views on the world. For this purpose we have established some partnerships with renowned media – including Franco-German TV Arte, German television RBB, European news website EURACTIV and collaboration with Google. Now we have started working with one of the best - “The Wall Street Journal”, which is a benchmark of competent journalism known by everyone interested in and caring for the world economy, technology, science, politics and culture - said Piotr Stasiński, the deputy editor-in-chief of "Gazeta Wyborcza" and Jerzy B. Wójcik, the publisher of “Gazeta Wyborcza". - "WSJ", though originally published in English, is close at hand for Polish readers. For those who want to read the original texts from American daily, we have prepared a special offer of subscription combining an access to the and sites. For those who prefer to read in Polish, we will publish the translated articles from "WSJ" on the pages of our daily issues and on our website.

- We’re delighted to introduce “The Wall Street Journal” to “Gazeta Wyborcza’s” readers - said Jonathan Wright, global managing director of Dow Jones.- This partnership will give “Gazeta Wyborcza’s” readers essential access to the “Journal’s” unrivalled global news and analysis, whilst giving us the opportunity to share our journalism with a Polish audience.

As of Monday, October 9th  the articles from "The Wall Street Journal", translated into Polish, will appear in "Gazeta Wyborcza" - as a separate, branded "WSJ" column, and on

Additionally, on Saturday, October 7th "Gazeta Wyborcza" will publish a special supplement titled "The Wall Street Journal". Its readers will learn i.a. about Elon Musk’s race to Mars and why Bill and Melinda Gates consider the generosity as export goods of USA.

"Gazeta Wyborcza" is open for international cooperation and dynamically develops interesting projects with local and foreign partners, extending its sources of information and technological competences, as well as providing its customers with even more quality content. Recently “Gazeta Wyborcza” has become a partner of French-German television Arte, German television RBB, European news portal EURACTIV, Google and now "The Wall Street Journal".



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