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How to support a World Young Reader Prize category

How to support a World Young Reader Prize category

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We invite companies and foundations to support one or more categories of The World Young Reader Prize, which honors news publisher innovation in youth engagement.

The support of 2500 Euros per category for the 2017 prizes, also helps WAN-IFRA do its pro-bono work. We work with news publishers worldwide to help parents and schools to assure a new generation of literate, civic-minded citizens who understand the importance of press freedom and the role and work of professional journalism.


  1. Mention in all promotions for the award
  2. Inclusion in all communications (prize announcements – digital and print, press releases, WAN-IFRA magazine, Young Reader website of WAN-IFRA)
  3. Occasion available to present award on stage at official ceremony.
  4. Award icon on the category trophy and certificates will include company. Prize icon will be available to winner to use in their website, products or PR Materials.
  5. Logo on display of prize winners at conference where prize is awarded.
  6. Logo on digital collection of winners entries (given at ceremony) and case report.
  7. Mention in all event presentations about the award or the winners. 


In addition to the core categories below, we regularly add special categories in cooperation with our supporters. These have included "Going Green" (actions that give youth hope and a chance to act about the environment) and  "A Great Help (partnerships that benefit all involved).

Brand: Marketing projects that improve a news publisher's brand relationship with the young

Editorial: A news publisher editorial content strategy targeting the young.  

News in Education: Use of printed or digital news content in the teaching of media literacy or of any other subject. Also included in this category are activities that give young people the chance to experience professional  journalism. 

Public Service: Public service in areas such as the environment, press freedom, literacy, youth civic involvement, etc.

Enduring Excellence: News publisher projects and activities more than two years old that continue to benefit both the young and the news publisher itself.

The Natasa Prize for Newspaper Printing Plants: Projects by newspaper printing plants that effectively teach the young about newspapers and journalism.

This category is named after Natasa Vuckovic Lesendric (1966-2011) who founded and ran a distribution system and then a printing plant for the independent press of Serbia under the regime of Slobodan Milosevic with the help of WAN-IFRA and UNESCO. She introduced modern practice to the management in both operations while encouraging actions that supported press freedom and introducing the young to this concept.


Dr.Aralynn McMane

WAN-IFRA executive director for youth engagement & news literacy


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Aralynn McMane


2016-12-11 15:40

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