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Switzerland: Printing of the “Walliser Bote” is being outsourced

Switzerland: Printing of the “Walliser Bote” is being outsourced

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15.11.2016 – The Mengis Group has decided to outsource the printing of the “Walliser Bote” from 2017 onwards. For subscribers, however, everything will remain the same.

(Photo: Mengis)

Since mid-June 2015, the “Walliser Bote” has been printed on a digital system used for the first time in the world for this purpose. The investment in the new system was necessary because the old web-offset press had to be replaced.

The Board of Directors had examined various options at the time. Three years ago, outsourcing the newspaper printing was considered, but at that time the tightness of the deadlines and the high price weighed against the option.

The Board then decided to use the digital printing solution. It was seen as a sustainable investment in the future. With the versatile production facility, capacity utilisation in the customer's print business, it was felt, would also be boosted beyond the normal newspaper pressure. Unfortunately, the expectations in this business area have not been fulfilled within a useful period of time. In addition, the digital printing press is not available in the important and attractive time window for customers due to the pro-duction of the “Walliser Bote”. This is now being optimised.

Initial situation has changed massively
The Board of Directors has therefore decided to outsource the production of the “Walliser Bote” from January 2017 onwards. Due to the overcapacity at almost all newspaper printing houses in Switzerland, the deadlines and financial conditions are now also much better. Appropriate clarifications and negotia-tions are currently in progress.

For you, esteemed subscribers, nothing will change regarding delivery (post and private delivery).

The editors as well as the publisher look forward to serving you daily with much knowledge from our region. We would like to thank you for your loyalty and wish you a lot of reading pleasure.

Mengis Group
03 November 2016, 18:35 h

(Translated from German into English by WAN-IFRA.)



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