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Gremi Business Communication Launches Metered Paywall with MPP Global

Gremi Business Communication Launches Metered Paywall with MPP Global

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17.12.2015 – Gremi Business Communication (GBC), one of Poland’s largest media companies, has selected MPP Global to support its websites with identity management, eCommerce and metered paywall technologies.

Monetising Digital Content
Rzeczpospolita, one of the leading daily newspapers in Poland, offers consumers access to content across multiple devices, enabling GBC to increase its online subscribers and generate new revenues. The new website provides its 2.8 million unique users with simple navigation so they can easily find the content they want to view. With the simplified design, GBC aims to encourage its readers to use the online service as they would a printed edition.

Using eSuite, the only fully integrated cloud Identity Management, CRM, and eCommerce platform, GBC plans to also power enhanced digital services across its other websites and applications.

Centralised Customer Account
With eSuite, GBC has a single customer view of both print and digital customers and is able to manage the complete customer lifecycle from identification, registration, authentication and single sign-on to eCommerce, subscriptions and billing. The company can manage all customer data, while its readers are provided with self-care functionality to manage their own account and purchases across multiple devices.

Metering to Understand Consumers
GBC’s main goal is to have a metered paywall across the Rzeczpospolita and its other websites. Using the metering functionality, the company can now define metering and access controls, including the number of ‘free’ pages and meter by section. This functionality can help develop the website’s traffic, increasing GBC’s ability to engage with anonymous visitors and convert them into loyal subscribers.

Adaptable eCommerce Functionality
Using eSuite, GBC can offer its customers one-click payments and recurring subscription payments capability. The eCommerce functionality also enables GBC to define and bundle its digital products across multiple platforms and centralise its revenues through a single platform, regardless of format, device, language or currency.

With eSuite, the company can control the entire billing life cycle of a subscription; creating packages, offer free trials, redemption of promo codes and renewals.

Using Data for Targeted Marketing
GBC can also create mass campaigns for its entire customer base or targeted campaign lists, featuring discounts, offers and other incentives using the comprehensive marketing tools. Using this capability, GBC can entice Rzeczpospolita’s readers to pay for content, which is essential for the company in attracting new subscribers.

Using the data collected, GBC can drive business decisions and strategy using the reporting functionality. With A/B testing, the business can also learn what works best for its customers in real time and ensure the paid content strategy reflects the market conditions.

Marcin Kowalczyk, Head of Digital at Gremi Business Communication and VP of e-Kiosk Plc., explains: “We needed the best proven solution for the effective selling of paid content that covered the entire customer process, from marking an article as ‘paid’ to the full tractability of the products used by the customer. With eSuite, we can successfully manage all monetisation strategies of our product portfolio, which in the future we hope to potentially use for all the other our media brands.”

Paul Johnson, CEO at MPP Global, added: "With over 86 per cent of the Polish population now reading newspapers either in print or online format and a growing number of people using mobile gadgets to access articles while on the move, eSuite is ideally suited to Eastern European newspapers that are looking to maximise their digital revenues.

“Aside from its outstanding functionality, one of the best features of eSuite is its adaptability. Not only can it be used in line with a publisher's unique branding, it can also be used to manage offline, print customers as easily as new digital customers.”

About MPP Global
MPP Global delivers the only fully integrated cloud Identity Management, CRM and eCommerce platform, eSuite, designed for the media and entertainment industry.  

From metering and profiling to promotions, payments, subscriptions and analytics, eSuite powers organisations to extract maximum value from their content and embrace monetisation opportunities prevalent in today's digital landscape.     

Founded in 2000, with offices throughout Europe, USA, South America and Australia, MPP Global has an impressive track record of helping companies create successful business models.

Clients include Sky, The Times, L'Équipe, The Daily Mail, el Mundo, Local Media Group, The Irish Times, TP Vision and Universal Music Group.

About Gremi Business Communication   
Gremi Business Communication is one of Poland’s largest media companies and its publication Rzeczpospolita is one of the leading dailies in the country. The newspapers offers insight into a variety of areas and is among the most frequently quoted media in Poland, which has helped the website acquire over 2.8 million unique visitors.



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