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Indonesia's Kompas leads wide field of 2015 World Young Reader Prize winners

Indonesia's Kompas leads wide field of 2015 World Young Reader Prize winners

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Indonesia's Kompas Daily has been named as the 2015 World News Publisher of the Year for its multifaceted approach to reaching and interacting with the country's young audience. Other World Young Reader Prize awards honored the full range of actions publishers can take to engage the young.

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That work of engaging the young starts with assuring this new generation understands and appreciates the role of journalism in guarding free expression, and France's news media as a whole has received the top World Young Reader Prize in a special teaching freedom category for their sensitive and instructive handling of the attacks in January that left 17 dead including five prominent cartoonists at the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo. Denmark's Kids' News children's newspaper won a sliver award in this category for similar treatment of those events.

India's Youth Ki Awaz online initiative took the top enduring excellence award in public service, and three news operations tied for the top award in editorial: Press4Kids (USA) for News-O-Matic app for children, South China Morning Post (Hong Kong) for Young Post edition coverage of Occupy Central movement and Yomiuri Shimbun (Japan) for its Chukosei Shimbun special edition and cellphone initiative targeting adolescents. Germany's SHZ Druck und Medien took the top brand award for its Mini World Cup that attracted considerable sponsorship and a wide following. Top prize in the special digital first category went to Heilbronner Stimme (Germany) for its #4dez experimental mobile you-are-there World War II experience, and top prize in news in education went to Het Belang van Limburg (Belgium) for its initiative to help teachers-in-training learn how to teach about 21st century news.

The full list of winners is below. Prizes were awarded in a ceremony on 3 September in Mumbai, India, during the WAN-IFRA India conference that will include a session on strategies for youth engagement.

The awards are supported by the SitesAlive Foundation, the news in education initiative linked to the Vendee Globe sailing race (news in education category), CCI Europe, the Denmark-based editorial systems and innovation specialists (editorial category), and Eram Group, the multi-faceted business conglomerate operating in the Gulf region, India and Europe (public service category).



In all, the 2015 prizes were awarded in seven categories: teaching freedom and digital first special categories plus these core categories: brand, editorial, enduring excellence, news in education and public service.Click HERE to see the details about how they did it.



TEACHING FREEDOM - TOP PRIZE - France's news media for actions after Charlie Hebdo attacks (January 2015)

TEACHING FREEDOM - SILVER - Kids' News (Denmark) for special edition after Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris (January 2015)

DIGITAL FIRST - TOP PRIZE - Heilbronner Stimme (Germany) for #4dez for an experimental mobile you-are-there World War II experience

DIGITAL FIRST - SILVER - Ilta Sanomat (Finland) for Kupla experiment in video news special reports by local young online celebrities


BRAND - TOP - SDZ (Germany) for Mini World Cup

BRAND - SILVER  Swedish Public Television (Sweden) for Lila Aktuellt Kollen interaction with youth audience

BRAND - SILVER - - The News Lens (Taiwan) for the combinatoin of Becoming Aces, Becoming Change and Special Reports initiatives

EDITORIAL - TOP PRIZE - Press4Kids (USA) for News-O-Matic app for children

EDITORIAL - TOP PRIZE- South China Morning Post (Hong Kong) for Young Post coverage of Occupy Central movement

EDITORIAL - TOP PRIZE - Yomiuri Shimbun (Japan) for Chukosei Shimbun  special edition and initiative targeting adolescents

ENDURING EXCELLENCE (Public Service) - TOP PRIZE Youth Ki Awaaz (India, since 2008) for its approach to taboo subjects

ENDURING EXCELLENCE (News in Education-NIE) - SILVER -  Seattle Times  (USA, since 1992) for enduring and evolving news in education work.

ENDURING EXCELLENCE  (Public Service-Playing with the News) - SILVER - Clarin (Argentina, since 2001) for interactive news experience at the Children's Museum

ENDURING EXCELLENCE (News in Education - NIE) - SILVER - Philippine Daily Inquirer for Junior Snoops youth journalism initiative since 1997

ENDURING EXCELLENCE (Editorial) - SILVER - Mi Super Diario (Latin America, since 2003) for its editions in six countries


NEWS IN EDUCATION (NIE) - TOP PRIZE - Het Belang van Limburg (Belgium) for Newsquiz Reinvented

NEWS IN EDUCATION (NIE) - SILVER - St. Louis American (USA) for STEM (Science Technology, Enginerring Math)initiative targeting underprivileged groups.

NEWS IN EDUCATION (NIE)- SPECIAL MENTION -  United Daily News (Taiwan) for News Buzzer game

PUBLIC SERVICE - SILVER-Mathrubhumi (India) for Nanma volunteering initiative

PUBLIC SERVICE - SILVER- Malayala Manorama (India) for School Harvest Project

PUBLIC SERVICE - SILVER -  Singapore Press Holdings (Singapore) for Idea Jam

PUBLIC SERVICE -SPECIAL MENTION - Daily Trust (Nigeria) for Train our Youth educational work with refugees

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