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Ferag presents Skyfall for printing plate transport – Market success for EasySert, MiniSert and the High Performance System

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Ferag presents Skyfall for printing plate transport – Market success for EasySert, MiniSert and the High Performance System

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World Publishing Expo 2015, Hamburg, Hall A4, Stand 4.400

Hinwil, 15 July 2015 – At the World Publishing Expo 2015, Ferag is premiering Skyfall, the transport, sorting and buffering system. Axel Springer's offset printing centre in Ahrensburg is the world's first operation to use the new system. Here, six Skyfall lines are transporting more than 2000 printing plates each day from the CtP department to the printing machines, and at the same time are bridging a height of eight metres. For the sake of energy efficiency, Skyfall makes use of gravity on the descending sections and dispenses with electrical drives.

At Axel Springer's printing centre in Ahrensburg, six Skyfall lines from Ferag transport the printing plates from the CtP department to the printing machines.

EasySert inserting technology is becoming increasingly popular in the marketplace. In addition to newspaper printers, private direct-mail organizations and national postal companies throughout Europe are producing their direct advertising on EasySert lines. In direct-mail alone, some 25 EasySert lines have now been sold or are up and running.

At the base of the performance pyramid is MiniSert, the smallest inserting machine. Newspaper printers in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia have been investing in the compact inserting machine since its introduction in 2012. Ferag has placed the EasySert and RollSertDrum in the pyramid's mid-segment, while the uppermost segment is covered by the MultiSertDrum high-performance inserting drum series.

Ferag is meeting a broad demand from the marketplace with the High Performance System. In emerging markets, HPC conveyor technology (High Performance Conveyor) and the HPS compensating stacker (High Performance Stacker) are triggering a response from newspaper printers that's as strong as in the Western industrialized nations.



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