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WAN-IFRA Webinar Series

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Are you interested in hearing key industry leaders discussing issues influencing the publishing world today?

The WAN-IFRA Webinar Series partners with global media visionaries and delivers new learnings and training on a myriad of topics to our members. These industry experts will bring you insight on creating growth opportunities and tackling current challenges.

As the media landscape is constantly changing, it is helpful to connect with fellow publishers and be involved in the discussion. Our webinar platform enables you to be engaged with our panelists and to ask the critical questions affecting your organization.

Upcoming Webinars

Peter LambPeter Lamb

In this webinar, Peter Lamb will offer you an exclusive preview of his session at Digital Media Africa on Mobile Strategy and Ad Revenue by challenging you with the following questions: 1. How should mobile fit into your overall revenue strategy? 2. How much resource should I devote to mobile? 3. How much profit can I REALLY make with mobile, and when will I realize my ROI? 4. What is the optimal sales force structure?  5. Can I afford to do nothing?

In our WAN-IFRA Webinar on September 13, 2016 at 15:00 CET we will address these critical topics for publishers and offer you the opportunity to bring your questions for our Webinar Q&A on Mobile Ad Revenue with Peter Lamb. 

That first million: new revenues for local publishers

Jeff MoriartyJeff MoriartyJeff Moriarty, Chief Digital & Product Officer at Johnston Press, talks about how offering marketing services and solutions beyond display to local advertisers has boosted their revenue. Having joined Johnston from the Boston Globe back in 2014, Moriarty knows the challenges faced by regional publishers. It's no longer enough to focus on display or paid content, you need a balanced portfolio of digital products.

"In a local environment, where our research is showing that the ideal solution for SMEs is a 50/50 split of spend toward print and digital, to modulate between branding and highly targeted display, social, content marketing and search targeting -  we have a mature, optimised product set ready to meet that demand."

Register here to take part in our on October 5, 2016 at 15:00 CET and hear more about Johnston Press's Digital Kitbag (as featured in our Alternative Revenue Streams report) and their 1XL advertising alliance with other UK publishers.

Past Webinars

Robb MontgomeryRobb MontgomeryWhat are the right ingredients for online video?

A Webinar with Robb Montgomery

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg recently told Axel Springer CEO Mathias Döpfner that “Video is a megatrend.” 

That bombshell revelation signals that publishers have to become much more video-savvy and focused on the behaviors and trends for engaging with mobile video consumers.

From silent and square video formats for social streams, to the challenges of presenting news vertically for SnapChat Discovery channels, there is a rapidly expanding universe of knowledge we all need to embrace in order to succeed.

It is also the right moment to invest in video literacy companywide, because the smartphone in every reporter’s pocket is also a phenomenal video capturing, editing and sharing machine.

Join us on April 13, 2016 at 15:00 CET as Robb Montgomery showcases these trends and suggests an approach that can help executives begin to tune their operations towards a mobile video future.

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Grig DavidovitzGrig DavidovitzThe homepage is not dead. Every page is a homepage!

Is the homepage dying? In the social media age, should publishers only concentrate on "buzzfeeding the beast" with viral content? Social is an indispensable source of traffic, but increasing the community of loyal readers that access the website "on purpose" is crucial. In this Webinar, Grig Davidovitz, WAN-IFRA Global Advisory Consultant, will address key aspects to make you re-think the definition of the homepage and tips on how to increase overall traffic to your site.

Join us on March 2 at 15:00 CET as we discuss the value of the homepage for your media organisation.

Topics covered in the WAN-IFRA Webinar will include:
1) How to create a captivating homepage experience 
2) How to recreate it on all web pages that meet the users’ eyeballs.

Click Here for Webinar Recording 


Elnaz EsmailzadehElnaz EsmailzadehWAN-IFRA welcomes you to join our online learning seminar featuring Elnaz Esmailzadeh, Commercial Product Manager, at Verdens Gang AS who will join us in presenting our webinar on: Positive Approaches to Ad Blocking. 

WAN-IFRA remains committed in our pursuit to help publishers tackle the ongoing disruptions surrounding ad blocking. To hear more on the publisher's perspective, WAN-IFRA has invited Elnaz Esmailzadeh to speak on the proactive steps Verdens Gang and Schibsted Norway took to address ad blocking long before it was a widespread topic of discussion. We will hear how they structured their agenda to combat ad blocking with the following strategies: 

  • Understanding user behaviour 
  • Testing different solutions on the technology side and the advertising campaigns they serve 
  • Starting collective discussion with other Norwegian publishers 

Click Here for Webinar Recording

David BestDavid BestJoin our online learning seminar featuring David Best, Consultant at Kirchner + Robrecht, who will present a live webinar on: Tips for Editorial System Selection: Increasing Functionality and Efficiency.

Due to the popularity of the Guided Tour Series at World Publishing Expo 2015, showcasing Editorial Systems and Content Management System providers, WAN-IFRA has expanded this informational tour into a Webinar. Our WAN-IFRA Members can join to learn more about new features and enhancements. Topics to be covered in the Webinar, from Kirchner + Robrecht's Whitepaper: Editorial systems for newspapers, include:

  • Key trends
  • System approaches and practical examples
  • Selection process

Click Here for Webinar Recording

Néstor AltuveNéstor AltuveWAN-IFRA Webinar Series is pleased to annouce our first ever Spanish Webinar. This Webinar featuring Néstor Altuve, Global Advisory Consultant, is a preview for one of the 5 main focuses of Digital Media Latin America: WebTv. Our Spanish Webinar will cover the following themes on WebTv strategy & development in your newsroom:

  • Organisation of a Webtv team (tools you need and staff you need)
  • Strategies to create (advertising friendly) quality content
  • Recommendations on how to manage the business model

We invite you to join us on Wednesday, September 23, 2015 17:00 (CEST), and receive tips from our digital expert and ask the vital questions in producing video content in your newsroom. 

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Click Here to Learn more about our Digital Media Latin America Event 

Chris LeeChris LeeWAN-IFRA's Webinar Series is pleased to announce an EXPO Preview Webinar featuring Chris Lee, President of Deseret Digital Media (DDM). Deseret Digital Media, a regional Utah-based media organisation, has made waves internationally with their ground-breaking company transition which began in 2010; now their organisation can claim 50% of their revenue as mobile-ready, and they are positioned each year for 30% annual revenue growth. Due to their successful transformation strategy, Deseret Digital Media and Local Media Association (LMA) now jointly lead bootcamps for other media organisations globally, and they are bringing their expertise to Hamburg's World Publishing EXPO for a 2-day training. Their rigorous and engaging media training is intended to accelerate digital competencies in your company’s daily digital operations.

Lee's Webinar will take you through one facet of Deseret's highly-acclaimed media bootcamp, and he will offer our Webinar audience insight into organising for the next digital disruption. Learn from Deseret’s successes, and their failures, as they provide valuable organisation tools to prepare for our industry’s next big disruption.

Click Here for Webinar Recording

For Registration details about the DDM & LMA Bootcamp at WAN-IFRA's World Publishing Expo, Click Here

Anand SrinivasanAnand SrinivasanPublishers worldwide have trusted the ISO 12647-3 standard in assessing their print quality based on an independent global standardisation. Printers, who have standardised their production process as per this global standard can ensure both readers and advertisers that the quality of their printed newspaper is of the highest quality.

In conjunction with WAN-IFRA's published research report, "ISO 12647-3:2013: Quality standard for newspaper production", WAN-IFRA's Global Advisory consulting division will host a Webinar offering a preview of the report and will include tips for helping publishers standardise. Anand Srinivasan, WAN-IFRA's research manager on Pre-Press and Production and Manager of the International Newspaper Color Quality Club (INCQC) competition, will lead our webinar and discuss with our audience what is new in the revision of ISO 12647-3 standard and how the standard can help publishers to achieve high quality in newspaper production.

We will also touch upon the upcoming INCQC competition and how the rules of the competition are derived from the ISO 12647-3 standard.  

Click Here for Webinar Recording

Click Here to Download the Report: ISO 12647-3:2013: Quality standard for newspaper production


Trushar BarotTrushar Barot

July 15, 2015 at 14:00 CET

Trends in Newsrooms


In our WAN-IFRA Trends in Newsrooms Webinar moderated by Julie Posetti, Journalism Lecturer at the University of Wollongong and Editor of Trends In Newsrooms Report, we shared the 2015 trends and focused on the rise in the Chat Apps Trend. How are these popular social platforms succesfully being integrated in newsrooms? 

To learn more about this exciting development, we invited Report Contributor, Trushar Barot, Mobile Editor at BBC World Service, to discuss with our audience how the BBC is using Chat Apps in their digital strategy to expand their presence globally and to introduce a new way of reporting and sharing news.

The Report and Webinar are supported by our technology partner, CCI Europe, a leading publishing solutions provider. 

Click Here for Webinar Recording - best watched together with the slides here

Click Here to Download the World Editors Forum’s Trends in Newsrooms 2015 Report


Sue GaudiSue Gaudi June 10, 2015

Data Privacy: Opportunities & Challenges for Publishers  

Publishers today have access to more data on their subscribers, readers and users than ever before. And the question remains: What to do with all this data?  

This Webinar featuring Sue Gaudi, Vice President and General Counsel, of The Globe and Mail along with Eleanor Treharne-Jones, Director, Global Communications & EU Marketing, of TRUSTe explores the opportunities and challenges presented to publishers on upholding the audience's trust.

The Report and Webinar are supported by our technology partner, centro, a leading digital advertising planning provider.  

Click Here for Webinar Recording

Click Here to Download the Data Privacy Report

Nico WilferNico WilferMay 20, 2015

Wearables and their Impact on the News Media Industry

How is the wearables revolution affecting news publishers globally? Where does your company stand on developing technologies and potential strategies for wearable and smartwatch platforms? 

Nico Wilfer, Head of Product Development at Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) discusses FAZ's development strategy for such new disruptive technologies, as well as the challenges and opportunities of wearables for news publishers.

The Report and Webinar are supported by our technology partner, CCI Europe, a leading publishing solutions provider.

Click Here for Webinar Recording

Click Here to Download the Wearables Report

Hanna KouriHanna KouriApril 8, 2015

Shortcut into Profitable Online Video

Sanoma's successful online video channel ISTV has over 4 million weekly video starts, ten weekly programs, daily live broadcasts and rights to some of the most popular sports leagues in Finland. 

Hanna Kouri, Channel Director, ISTV, Sanoma Media discusses the transformation of Ilta-Sanomat from a traditional newspaper into a truly multichannel media company in which digital revenues are growing faster than the print revenues drop.

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March 18, 2015

Programmatic Advertising: Tips for Premium Success

The Economist has never worked with remnant inventory on programmatic - they are only interested in premium. This makes them a remarkable case study.

In this Webinar, we hear from Paul Alexander, Director of Programmatic, EMEA, The Economist. What is their strategy? How did it impact the sales force? What results have they seen so far? 

The Report and Webinar are sponsored by our technology partner RadiumOne, leaders in programmatic advertising technology and services. 

Click Here for Webinar Recording

Click Here to Download the Programmatic Advertising Report


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