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Fees and Conditions for Participation

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Fees and Conditions for Participation

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The International Color Quality Club is the only worldwide quality printing competition for newspapers and magazines. It has been organised every two-years since 1994 by WAN-IFRA. The competition is open to all newspapers and magazines and all printing plants, independent of the printing processes and materials used.

Club membership is open to all companies that show they can produce high quality publication consistently over a time period of three months (January through March 2018). Achieving a given number of points is all that is needed for attaining membership in the exclusive Color Quality Club.

Registration is open until 22 January 2018. Test prints will runt from January through March 2018. You will receive an individual performance report after each competition month.

The new club members for the period 2018–2020 will be confirmed with the mailing of the final evaluations in June 2018. They will be awarded at World Publishing Expo 2018 in Berlin (9–11 October 2018), Germany.


Terms and Conditions

Who can participate?

Any single newspaper or magazine title per production location can participate. Each publication title per location counts as a registration entry and each registered title has the opportunity to become a club member.

That means that a publishing or printing company can be successful with several titles. Also publication titles printed at several locations can enter. This is useful for publishing companies that want to compare the quality of their different printing sites in an internal benchmarking.

Every newspaper or magazine can participate, regardless of the production technology or the materials used. Five technical categories cover all possibilities, including extraordinary conditions, like e.g. the use of tinted or dark newsprint, flexo and gravure printing or digital inkjet printing.

If several printing companies at different locations are registered with the same publication title, every title per location concerned can become a club member.

Every entry for the competition must satisfy all competition criteria in order to guarantee a valid evaluation. Each set of test samples and files required must be supplied complete and by the given deadline. The entry fee is calculated per registration.

Your entry will be handled with discretion and your results are completely confidential. WAN-IFRA will announce only the award winning club members and will not disclose the names of participants other than club members.

Participation fees

An entry fee is charged for each registered publication title per registered printing location.

Fees are as follows (reduced fees for WAN-IFRA members in parentheses):

1st entry : €2,400 (€1,200 for WAN-IFRA members)
2nd entry : €2,000 (€1,000 for WAN-IFRA members)
3rd to 5th entry : €1,600 (€800 for WAN-IFRA members)
6th to 10th entry : €1,000 (€700 for WAN-IFRA members)
11th entry onwards : €600 (€400 for WAN-IFRA members)

All prices + VAT

Cancellation Policy

For a full refund, cancellations must be made in writing and must be received by 30 November 2017. Please send your cancellation request to Refunds will not be issued for cancellations received after that date.


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The International Color Quality Club is the only worldwide printing quality competition for newspapers and magazines. Its goal is to improve the quality of reproduction and printing in production, while also increasing competitiveness as well as training and motivating all personnel. Read more ...