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Cuban Printer Opts for Uniset from manroland web systems

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Cuban Printer Opts for Uniset from manroland web systems

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Empresa de Artes Gráficas Federico Engels starts into 2015 with a decision to invest in extended production capability

18.02.2015 - The Cuban printer Empresa de Artes Gráficas Federico Engels is one of the largest printing houses in Cuba. Based in the capital Havana, the company produces several tabloid products and, what is the main business, books. With this investment an extension of the production capacity was intended. Therefore the printer decided to invest in a new Uniset press from manroland web systems.

Cuban Printer Empresa de Artes Gráficas Federico Engels opts for Uniset from manroland web systems. © manroland web systems

The new UNISET newspaper press consist of one H/H printing tower and two reel splicers and shows a maximum web width of 965 mm. The PFN 2:3:1 pin folder enables format changes from tabloid to broadsheet and several book formats and it offers highest folding flexibility and quality. The UNISET runs with a production speed of 75,000 copies per hour. The new press will also be equipped with the manroland web systems automation system PECOM extended. This allows pre-settings, which ensure shorter production and makeready times and significantly lower waste rates.

The main focus lies on the book production. Empresa de Artes Gráficas Federico Engels prints educational books with different formats from 1 to 4 color printing.

Strong Investments for the Future
Empresa de Artes Gráficas Federico Engels makes strong investments: besides investing in a new UNISET press, the printer from Cuba also decided to upgrade the drive and PECOM press controls of their existing Uniset pressline. This enables a smoother and faster production, less makeready times and, in connection with the new UNISET, helps to achieve highest productivity, flexibility and printing quality.

Successful in Cuba
With this project manroland web systems strengthens its market presence in Cuba. Besides another UNISET and COROMAN press at Empresa de Artes Gráficas Federico Engels, there are several RONDOSET installations from the former manroland web systems company group member Plamag Plauen. These lines are producing the main Cuban newspaper Granma and several tabloid products for more than 30 years now.

Reliable Partnership
The new UNISET will be delivered end of 2015 and starts its production in the first quarter of 2016.

“We are very happy about the decision to invest in a new press from manroland web systems. We have worked together for many years now and always considered the printing manufacturer from Germany as reliable partner that offers best quality products. The investment decision was also a strategic decision and an investment in the future of our company. We are happy to rely on manroland web systems as our strong partner that helps us keeping our leading market position and improve the productivity of our company as well as the quality of our products”, Juan José Valdez, Director General at Empresa de Artes Gráficas Federico Engels states.

“We are very proud about the long lasting partnership with Empresa de Artes Gráficas Federico Engels. The company is an outstanding printer in Cuba. With the new UNISET, the production can be more flexible and cost-effective and at the same time meets the changed market requirements. The investment really is an investment in the future and we are happy that Empresa de Artes Gráficas Federico Engels has chosen manroland web systems for realizing this”, Heiko Ritscher, Regional Sales Manager at manroland web system explains.



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