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Quality Evaluation Service

Quality Evaluation Service

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Print quality evaluation service is a need-based service from the WAN-IFRA Research and Material Testing Centre, India, to assess the quality of newspaper print reproduction.

Quality Evaluation Service from the WAN-IFRA Research Centre in Chennai.

The service will evaluate the quality of reproduction of a press and prepress in its normal production settings and check its conformance to ISO standards. This test will be offered as once a month over a period of one year to constantly monitor the quality of reproduction and help improve the process.







  1. Monitor the quality performance of production process on a monthly basis
  2. Check the conformance of prepress and printing process to ISO 12647-3
  3. Get good and constant colour reproduction
  4. Involve the press and presses staff on quality evaluation
  5. Gain from WAN-IFRA’s knowledge and expertise in implementing standardisation projects.

Quality evaluation process

The WAN-IFRA Research Centre in Chennai, India will provide a control target to the newspaper. The control target, has to be printed once a month for a period of one year in the regular production run (No separate test run or plate change is required) and the copies be sent to the Research Centre for quality evaluation.


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