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Newsprinters, UK: Rotary sealing achieves unrivalled net output

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Newsprinters, UK: Rotary sealing achieves unrivalled net output

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17.09.2013 - When reorganizing its printing activities, Newsprinters considered whether it could produce TV Magazine ‒ it's inserted into the Saturday edition of the Sun ‒ at the Knowsley facility in coldset offset, and thus improve utilization of existing capacity. What Newsprinters still lacked for the change-over to in-house production of the TV Magazine was the option to foil-wrap the individual copies. Evaluations by Newsprinters revealed that when it came to net output, rotary foil-wrapping from Ferag was unrivalled in the marketplace. Once the decision to invest in two PolyStream lines had been made, only 16 weeks were left for installation, training and commissioning. What's more, the switch-over had to be complete from one week to the next at the beginning of June 2012, with some 3.2 million copies of the TV Magazine being processed within four days.

In total, some 3.2 million copies of the TV Magazine have to be sealed in just four days at Newsprinters in Knowsley.

The two PolyStream lines are fed off a MultiDisc winding/unwinding system. But first, the TV guide is trimmed to format in an SNT-U trimming drum. It then goes to the FlyStream precollecting system where up to nine inserts are gathered along with the TV Magazine to form a collection before being sealed in a polybag. Depending on the quality of the inserts, a net output of up to 28,000 copies per hour is achieved.

The high net output results from the synergies between the rotary PolyPacer sealing system and other tried-and-tested components from the Ferag product portfolio such as the JetFeeder hopper and Flystream precollecting line. The quality of the foil also plays an important part. Newsprinters has also decided to equip one line with the inline StreamStitch stitching system plus EasySert to open the door to semi-commercials  and enable the development and enhancement of new products, for example with a high-gloss cover.


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2013-10-23 14:58

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