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World News Publishing Focus 09/10.2013

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World News Publishing Focus 09/10.2013

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Summaries of articles published in World News Publishing Focus September/October 2013. Click headlines to read full articles in the ePaper edition.

A primer in leadership

What a news cycle. In this order: Axel Springer sells regionals, magazines and TV guides to Funke Mediengruppe. New York Times Co. sells Boston Globe to baseball team owner. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos buys Washington Post. Guardian told to destroy NSA files by U.K. government. Sort of accentuates the oft-used “uncertain media landscape” where we reside.

U.K. under the microscope

Washington Post: Bezos takeover

In the wake of the Amazon founder’s acquisition of the revered old-media brand, we asked three top U.S. media analysts these questions: What are the Post’s core strengths and how can Jeff Bezos exploit them? Which operations will he likely discard?

Taking ‘stock’ of selected media companies

Consolidation to continue in Germany – analyst

Digital advertising in Latin America: Sustainability in struggling markets

Everything evolves, and advertising is no exception. When television was invented, it changed the advertising industry worldwide – agencies had to experiment with how they could communicate in an audiovisual format something that used to be in print. Digital is to our time what TV was back then, and its potential is almost limitless.

Online commenting report highlights newsrooms’ conundrum

Free speech has undergone a revolution online; anybody with Internet access can have a public outlet for their opinions. Some choose to create their own blog or other outlet, but many opt for expressing themselves on existing forums, including the websites of news organisations.

Times of London’s cycling campaign paves the way for change

Ben Whitelaw, Communities Editor, and Nick Petrie, Social Media and Campaigns Editor, have been working on engaging subscribers at The Times of London for almost 18 months, using commenting, social media and campaigns to involve readers in the process of creating news.

Engagement journalism – Lessons in experience design for news media

The “Inside Confucius” project at Western Kentucky University (USA) fuses museum presentation with news content – both online and offline. Here, university graduate Brie Logsdon and Professor Kerry J. Northrup describe philosophy, practice, and lessons learned. Northrup will present the project at the Newsroom Summit during this year‘s Expo.

Charting Stampen’s flight

Former Stampen Media Group CEO Tomas Brunegård is embarking on a new yet familiar journey: As the company’s new Chairman of the Board, he will continue to play a vital role in defining Stampen’s strategic vision, but he also will dedicate his time to fulfilling his new role as WAN-IFRA President, and other issues close to his heart.

World Publishing Expo 2013: Berlin beckons industry innovation

Investment and innovation go hand in hand
Expo wishlists from suppliers and publishers  
Digital printing enables new business concepts   
Strategic Conferences at World Publishing Expo 2013
Exhibitor news and developments

WAN-IFRA Bulletin

A member for 45 years: Spotlight on Germany’s Rheinische Post

Rheinische Post Mediengruppe (RPM) originated as one of the first German newspaper publishers to receive a printing licence after World War II for its Rheinische Post. Today, the Düsseldorf-based company continues to publish its highly regarded flagship daily paper, and now includes many other print and digital offerings as well as radio and TV holdings, IT, logistics and more.

Upcoming benefits of WAN-IFRA Membership

47 new members join WAN-IFRA in 2013

Upcoming Events for your calendar

In Syria, journalists are part of the exodus

The human tragedy surrounding the conflict in Syria has affected people from all walks of life, across all divides, regardless of political, religious or economic ties. At the time of writing the UNHCR had officially registered more than 1.7 million refugees, while the number of internally displaced persons was estimated at more than 4 million. Just one of the innumerable consequences of this desperate situation is the breakdown of reliable news and information, with countless journalists among those who have fled, leaving behind a vacuum of reporting.

Strategies for engaging young readers


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