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The same in Rennes as in Nantes

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The same in Rennes as in Nantes

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Société Ouest-France S.A., Rennes, France

26.08.2013 - In the spring of 2011, Société Ouest-France S.A. commissioned new Ferag mailroom technology at the La Chevrolière (Nantes) facility. An exceptional feature of the solution is the logistics system with a buffer that allows bundles to be routed to a holding loop, for call-up for distribution as and when required. Now the successful concept is being applied to the production centre in Chantepie, IIle-et-Vilaine, near Rennes. By the spring of 2015, the connections to two existing newspaper printing machines and two new presses (which are yet to be installed) be using UTR and MultiStack technology, plus capacity for bundle evacuation.

After commissioning the Ferag mailroom solution in Nantes in the spring of 2011, Rennes will be equipped with a similar solution.

The centre piece and starting point is the PKT system. Similarly to the Nantes solution, the PKT transport line will be routed on two levels, with the lower loop taking bundles off five existing, third-party processing lines in the first phase of the project, and transferring them to twelve loading docks and two subscriber lines.

On the second, uppermost PKT level, bundles which have already been allocated a route but are due for distribution on a later transport are placed in buffer storage. Emile Hédan,  at Société Quest-France S.A., explains: “In the list of specifications, a central point was the logistics component with the option to delay distribution of certain bundles for any period of time.. In Nantes, Ferag has demonstrated that this requirement can be met with a very straightforward yet efficient solution based n the PKT system." Emil Hédan adds: "The buffer is also useful if we have to hold back routes when a vehicle arrives late".

When it comes to bundle control, specific demands must also be met, as Emile Hédan explains: “Traditionally, the bundles of the Ouest France newspaper  distribution without topsheets. When conceiving the new mailroom, Ferag had to take account of this fact while ensuring the automatic flow of bundles to the loading docks.” To achieve this, Ferag referenced the information on the printing machine control console. The data on current, live tasks is transmitted to the Navigator via Presslink. It is thus possible to both trace and dependably assign the bundles to the correct loading dock without a topsheet.



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