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Meganews kiosk prints magazines and newspapers on demand

Meganews kiosk prints magazines and newspapers on demand

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Meganews is a vending machine with Internet access that digitally prints magazines in just two minutes.

The machine is being used in Sweden and is based on Ricoh digital printing technology and uses a touch screen to select a magazine or newspaper from more than 200 titles. Before the payment procedure (via credit card) is started, the reader can browse the magazine.

A first series of 10 kiosks are to be placed in airports, hotels, hospitals, grocery stores and other malls across Sweden to be tested during the next six months. 

The first terminal was put into operation on 19 July in the Stockholm city centre. According to the Megnews Sweden AB, the company has reached agreements with several leading publishing houses in Sweden.

The Sedish research institute Innventia was commissioned by Megnews Sweden to do a life cycle assessment of the print products before the launch of the machine. As the company states, the result shows that 60 percent less fossil greenhouse gas emissions were generated during the life cycle of a magazine printed and sold by the kiosk, compared to a magazine printed and sold in the traditional way. "The major difference lies in the efficient use of paper because every magazine printed in a Meganews Magazines kiosk is sold. In traditional magazine sales, 40% generally remain unsold and go straight to recycling", Innventia comments.

Ricoh supplied the printing technology, while Sweco created the software, card terminal and screens. The stand was designed by LA + B.

More information on the Meganews website.

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