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The Globe, Ghana

The Globe, Ghana

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The Globe is part of a three-pronged media outlet that includes radio and web. The website,, is currently available as a mobile site. Philip would like to expand The Globe’s mobile reach via SMS news alerts and headlines, event announcements and SMS lifestyle tips.


He is interested in more effective news circulation, reader and listener recruitment, brand enforcement and generating additional revenue. The target audience is young professionals, who are always on the move and rarely take the time to read a print newspaper, though they are never without their smart phones.

The Globe has a core team of online content managers and they have begun collaboration with an SMS service provider to help execute the project. They require consultation on revenue generation and marketing their products to increase users/subscribers.


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Andrew Heslop


2012-12-04 13:23

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Anton Jolkovski


2011-10-05 16:34