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Create print edition content/contest: France, ages 14 to 18

Create print edition content/contest: France, ages 14 to 18

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Target group: ages 14 to 18

Country: France

Newspaper: L’Alsace

Year: Since 1994

How they did it

Journaliste d’un Jour invites secondary students  to contribute their own articles to a youth-targeted newspaper produced by L’Alsace. Participating students were given the tools (computers, telephones, etc.) to do the reporting and were supported by the newspaper. At the end of the contest, the newspaper selected the best articles, photos and other contributions to be recognized with prizes. During a week, 100,000 copies of Journalist for a Day were printed every evening and distributed the next morning free throughout public areas of the region by the students themselves. The newspaper unit fits into the curriculum as it taught students to use and write correct French in an outside-of-school setting.


The program is entirely funded by local governments and a bank. 


About 1200 students participate at five sites. Students and teachers were enthusiastic about the project and advertisers gave support. The publication increased public exposure to the regular newspaper and built brand loyalty.




Details about the 2011 edition HERE



L’Alsace – Le Pays

18 rue de Thann 68945 Mul­house CEDEX 9

Luc Marck — Tél. +33 (0)3 89 32 70 49

luc.marck [at]


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