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Create newspaper content/Contest: Chile, ages 6 to 12

Create newspaper content/Contest: Chile, ages 6 to 12

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Target group: ages 6 to 12

Country: Chile

Company: The Chilean National Press Association

Year: 2006

How they did it

Kids hear about politicians, musicians, artists and athletes every day, but they rarely get a chance to truly get to know the people they read about. The Chilean National Press Association created a contest that required students to interview the people they often read about. The students submitted the interviews, and winners were chosen. The contest also allowed teachers to use the interview and writing process to help with language and communication skills. It also increased the students' knowledge of current events. In addition to having the story published, the winners received a personal computer, a subscription to the newspaper or a magazine of their choice.


Since the launch of the program, the Chilean National Press Association reports that it has received nearly five thousand letters and e-mails during the first year. When the program was alive before, it received about 1,200. The contest helped give students a better image of the newspaper, and teachers now have another reason to use the newspaper in the classroom.






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