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Create newspaper content: Spain, ages 14 to 16

Create newspaper content: Spain, ages 14 to 16

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Target group: ages 14 to 16

Country: Spain

Newspaper: Diario de Burgos

Year: 2003

How they did it

Young Reporters allowed students in Spain to write articles for their own newspaper, which was inserted into the regular newspaper. Young reporters met at newspaper headquarters on Saturdays to receive training and mentoring from newspaper staff. Students from 12 different schools participated and worked together with journalist professionals for several months. The project ends with the publication of a special 20-page supplement written by young reporters and targeted at a youth audience. The fledgling reporters traveled around Spain and spoke with influential national leaders to compile articles. Topics included: politics, athletics, music, dance and literature.


On June 11, 2003, the day the supplement appeared, 40,000 copies were sold, as compared to regular sales of 15,000.





Antonio José Mencía


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To help create a new generation of civic-minded, literate readers, news publishers must also assure that young people learn about the work and importance of professional journalism. Thanks to more than a decade of World Young Reader Prize entries, we have a wealth of examples of how to do just that. Read more ...