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Multimedia News Agencies Conference to be Held at RIA Novosti

Multimedia News Agencies Conference to be Held at RIA Novosti

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07.03.12 - A conference of the international association of multimedia news agencies, MINDS International, will take place on March 15 and 16 in Moscow with the support of the leading Russian news agency RIA Novosti, which has been a member of the association since 2008.

This year, the MINDS International conference will bring together over 60 participants from 20 countries, each of which is represented by at least one news agency. Discussing the role of news agencies in the rapidly changing media environment will be high-ranking representatives of media organizations such as the Australian AAP, the French news agency AFP, Austrian APA, American AP, Belgian Belga, Czech CTK, German DPA, Spanish EFE, Japanese KYODO, Portuguese Lusa, Hungarian MTI, Norwegian NTB, Polish PAP, PA from the UK, Danish RITZAU, Swiss SDA, Finnish STT, Italian TM News, Swedish TT, and the Russian news and information agency RIA Novosti.

“We expect important new impulses for future new media business,” said Wolfgang Nedomansky, Managing Director of MINDS International. “At MINDS we are cross-linking top executives from all business areas of news agencies, CEOs and Managing Directors, Editors-in-Chief, Marketing and IT Directors. MINDS International is about sharing ideas and experiences in order to bring all MINDS member agencies to a higher knowledge level.”

This year, on March 15, for the first time the MINDS International conference in Moscow will start with an open session where famous U.S. media analyst Ken Doctor will deliver a public lecture on future media developments and possible roles of news agencies. This session will be broadcast live in English with a Russian translation. Accreditation for the public lecture will be carried out by RIA Novosti’s International Multimedia Press Center.

Clive Marshall, CEO of Press Association and Chairman of the MINDS Board, believes that “advances in technology and the huge growth in social media services like blogging, Twitter, Cyworld, Facebook, Mixi, Sina Weibo, and Vkontakte are providing fantastic opportunities for news agencies to develop new products and services. The Moscow spring conference will provide a forum for MINDS news agency members from around the world to discuss these developments, share experiences and identify how to capitalize on these opportunities.”

MINDS International conferences (, which are usually closed events, are hosted by MINDS partner agencies, this time by RIA Novosti in Moscow. The next conference, hosted by news agency Belga, will take place in Brussels in the fall of this year.

MINDS International is a global network of 22 leading news agencies collaborating in the digital development of the media. Within the MINDS network leading news agencies bundle their strengths in digital media business in order to provide their media clients with innovative new media services, supporting their efficiency and success.

The open lecture of media analyst Ken Doctor will take place in RIA Novosti.

09:00 March 15, 2012. For the first time during the MINDS International association conference of multimedia news agencies a public lecture by U.S. media analyst Ken Doctor ( will be held.

Ken Doctor, a leading news industry analyst, is the author of “Newsonomics: Twelve New Trends That Will Shape the News You Get”. It has become a handbook on transforming mass media for the decade to come for many media experts.

In addition, Ken Doctor specializes in consultancy and crossover and Digital First strategic planning, undertaking global research of digital mass media successes, failures and best practices.

«In 2012, we've entered the crossover period for newspapers and magazines. Digital advertising is surpassing print advertising, and audiences are moving quickly to tablets and smartphones, in addition, to desktops and laptops, as they replace print habits. Publishers now are faced with crossing over the river, from mainly print/a little digital to strongly digital/a little print. Companies that make that transition quickly will survive and prosper -- Digital First strategies are the order of the day,» Doctor said.

Ken Doctor is a special guest of the MINDS International conference. He will deliver a keynote speech on 2012's most impactful media trends to the top-executives from 20 news agencies from 20 countries as well as for the Russian media community.

The lecture will be broadcast online. In English on, the Russian simultaneous interpretation will be provided on

The International multimedia press-center of RIA Novosti will be accrediting the attendees of the public lecture -  


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