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6. Best in Newspaper Marketing

6. Best in Newspaper Marketing

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This award will recognize successful campaigns for marketing the news publishing company’s brand or image to readers in order to increase circulation and subscriptions to the print product and the overall media brand awareness. Judges will value the originality of the product/brand promotion as well as its efficiency for generating significant increases in engagement with the audience leading to increase in circulation and subscriptions.


Entries must consist in campaigns on any media channel for promoting print product brands. The promoted products can include the media house’s flagship publication as well as other publications and/or their supplements and special editions. The campaign must have been marketed in 2015.

Submission Guidelines

  • Entries should be submitted in a PDF document containing a Power Point presentation of no more than 10 slides with pictures of the materials printed in the newspaper, URLs andscreen shots of the related Web publications and pictures of all related materials (such as flyers, promotional objects, events, mobile content, etc.).
  • Please ensure that digital files are no larger than 5MB.


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