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5. Best in Photojournalism

5. Best in Photojournalism

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Compete with the very best in photography in the industry! This award is open to newspaper and wire service photographers as well as to freelancers working for these media, supplying work to either news, sports or feature agencies or providing content for websites affiliated with newspaper. The award will recognize the photographer’s visual creativity (originality of perception and treatment), his ability to expand knowledge or understanding of an issue through an effective use of his medium and his technical skills.

5A. News Photography

Includes the coverage of general news events (for which advance planning was possible) as well as spot news events (for which no advance planning was possible). The possible element of risk implied in the shooting and/or the picture’s timeliness will receive a special appreciation.

5B. Feature Photography

A picture related to one specific theme, depicting lifestyle or special interest news.

5C. Sports Photography

An image that captures the competitive spirit and tenacity of either an individual sportsman/sportswoman or the collective efforts of a team. Sports related feature pictures other than game action such as crowd cheering, judges, and fans will also be recognized.


  • All submitted photographs must be published in 2015.
  • Photographers should be working in Asia Pacific, South Asia or Middle East.

Submission Guidelines

  • Images submitted should be saved strictly in jpg format. The resolution should not exceed 300dpi.
  • Each file size should not exceed 5mb. If the file size exceeds this requirement, the judges will not be able to open the file and the entry/s will automatically be disqualified.
  • Entrant/s can submit photos in colour or black and white.
  • For the News, Feature & Sports categories, entrant can submit strictly 1 photo only per entry.
  • Optional: entries can be supported with a written submission of up to 400 words explaining the entry context and specificity.


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