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1. Best in Print

1. Best in Print

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The Asian Best in Print Awards will be presented to newspapers deserving recognition for their excellence in standardised printing. The focus of the award is to show the ability of newspapers to print consistently high quality according to international standards.
This competition is open to all newspapers in Asia, independent of production process or types of paper used. Four different categories are created for this purpose:

Category 1  Coldset-offset on newsprint
Category 2  Heatset-offset or UV offset on newsprint (Semi-commercial)
Category 3  Heatset-offset or UV offset on SC or LWC paper (Semi-commercial)
Category 4  Extra category for printing on tinted paper or using processes other than offset (e.g. flexo or digital printing) or newspapers that prefer to follow their own in-house standard, which is different from ISO/WAN-IFRA recommendations

Successful participants are awarded in two classes: Below circulation of 150 000 copies and above circulation of 150 000 copies.

Please download the instructions and cuboid attached below.



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