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64 Media Employees Killed in 2011

64 Media Employees Killed in 2011

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Since 1998, our organisation has actively monitored the cases of media employees who pay the ultimate price in their efforts to bring us the news. A way of honoring the courage and determination of men and women who lose their lives while reporting on conflicts, challenging governments or investigating corruption and crime.


(Cases are listed by region and order of country)



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Democratic Republic of Congo (1)
June 21
Kambale Musonia, radio journalist, Radio Communautaire de Lubero Sud

Sierra Leone (1)
June 12
Ibrahim Foday, reporter, The Exclusive

Somalia (3)
August 4
Farah Hassan Sahal, broadcaster, Radio Simba 

September 2
Noramfaizul Mohd, cameraman, Bernama TV Malaysia

December 18
Abdisalan Sheikh Hassan, freelance broadcast journalist

Uganda (1)
December 1
Charles Ingabire, journalist and founder, Inyenyeri News website




Brazil (3)
June 15
Edinaldo Filgueira, director, Jornal o Serrano

September 1
Valderlei Canuto Leandro, radio journalist, Radio Frontera

Colombia (1)
June 30
Luis Eduardo Gómez, Freelance journalist

Dominican Republic (1)
August 2
José Agustín Silvestre de los Santos, magazine director, La Voz de la Verdad and TV host, Caña TV

Honduras (1)
May 11
Hector Francisco Medina Polanco, TV host, Omega Visión

Mexico (6)
March 25
Luis Emanuel Ruiz Carrillo, photographer, La Prensa daily

June 1
Noel López Olguín, columnist, La Verdad de Jáltipan daily

June 20
Miguel Ángel López Velasco, deputy director, NOTIVER daily

July 26
Yolanda Ordaz de la Cruz, police beat reporter, NOTIVER daily

August 26
Humberto Millán Salazar, radio host, Radio Fórmula

September 24
María Elizabeth Macías, editor, Primera Hora daily

Panama (1)
November 6
Darío Fernández Jaén, radio owner, Radio La Favorita

Paraguay (1)
March 3
Merardo Alejandro Romero Chávez, radio host, Radio La Voz de Ytakyry

Peru (2)
May 3
Julio Castillo Narváez, radio host, Radio Ollantay

September 14
José Oquendo Reyes, host, Radio Alas Peruanas & BTV Canal 45



ASIA: 18

Afghanistan (2)
July 28
Ahmad Omaid Khpalwak, reporter, BBC World Service & Pajhwok Afghan News Agency

September 20
Farhad Taqaddosi, cameraman, Press TV Iran 

India (2)
January 23
Umesh Rajput, reporter, Nai Duniya daily

June 11
Jyotirmoy Dey, investigative reporter, Mid-Day daily

Pakistan (10)

January 3
Ilyas Nizzar, reporter, Darwanth newsmagazine

January 13
Wali Khan Babar, reporter, Geo TV

February 18
Abdost Rind, report, Daily Eagle

May 10
Nasrullah Afridi, journalist, Mashriq daily

May 31
Syed Saleem Shahzad, bureau chief, Asia Times Online

June 11
Asfandyar Abid Naveed, reporter, Akhbar-i-Khyber daily

June 11
Shafiullah Khan, trainee reporter, The News Peshawar Daily

August 14
Muneer Shakir, journalist and correspondent, Online News Network and Sabzbaat TV

7 October
Faisal Qureshi, editor, The London Post news website

5 November
Javed Naseer Rind, editor and columnist, Daily Tawar

Philippines (2)
January 24
Gerardo "Gerry" Ortega, radio host, DWAR Radio

June 13
Romeo Olea, radio commentator, DWEB Radio

Thailand (1)
September 24
Phamon Phonphanit, reporter, Sue Samut Atyakam newspaper 

Vietnam (1)
January 30
Hoang Hung, investigative journalist, Nguoi Lao Dong newspaper



Azerbaijan (1)
November 23
Rafiq Tagi, freelance reporter

Russia (1)
December 15
Gadzhimurad Kamalov, founder, publisher and editor, Chernovik weekly newspaper



Bahrain (1)
April 12
Karim Fakhrawi, founder and board member, Al-Wasat daily

Egypt (2)
February 4
Ahmad Mohamed Mahmoud, reporter, Al-Ta'awun

October 10
Wael Mikhail, cameraman, Al-Tareeq TV

Iraq (6)
February 17
Hilal al-Ahmadi, freelance journalist

 February 24
Mohamed al-Hamdani, correspondent, Al-Itijah TV

March 29
Sabah al-Bazi, correspondent, Al-Arabiya, CNN, Reuters

March 29
Muammar Khadir Abdelwahad, reporter, Al-Ayn news agency

June 21
Salem Alwan Al-Gharabi, cameraman, Afaq TV

September 8
Hadi al-Mahdi, radio host, Radio Demozy TV

Libya (5)
March 13
Ali Hassan al-Jaber, cameraman, Al-Jazeera

March 19
Mohamed Al-Nabbous, online TV broadcaster, Libya Al-Hurra TV

April 5
Anton Hammerl, photojournalist

April 20
Chris Hondros, freelance photojournalist

April 20
Tim Hetherington, freelance photojournalist

Syria (1)
November 17
Ferzat Jarban, freelance cameraman

Tunisia (1)
January 17
Lucas Mebrouk Dolega, photographer, European Press Photo Agency (EPA)

Yemen (6)
March 18
Jamal al-Sharaabi, photojournalist, Al-Masdar weekly

March 18
Mohamed Yahia Al-Malayia, correspondent, Al-Salam newspaper

September 24
Hassan al-Wadhaf, cameraman, Arabic Media Agency

October 3
Abdel Majid Al-Samawi, TV reporter

October 4
Abdel-Hakim Al-Nour, cameraman, Mas Production company

October 16
Abd Al-Ghani Al-Bureihi, cameraman, Al-Yemen TV



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Media employees worldwide face physical violence and persecution of all kinds, whether from public officials, criminals or terrorists. Assaults are daily - and often deadly - for those who challenge governments, report on conflicts or investigate corruption and crime. Read more ...