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USA Today and the iPad

USA Today and the iPad

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"The iPad in North America has become a tremendous success and incredibly important to my company," says Matt Jones, Vice President for Mobile and Strategy Operations for Gannet in the United States.

Matt Jones

Gannett's USA Today iPad app has been downloaded 1.9 million times since it was launched in April 2010, with downloads running at 130,000 a month. The app is responsible for one-third of USA Today's online traffic.

USA Today decided to go the free route, making revenue from advertising alone. One key to success is to take maximum advantage of the device's particular features, for readers and advertisers alike.

"I think its very key when developing for the iPad to take advantage of the device's capabilities," he says. "Location-based services are clearly one of these services. We provide geographic weather, geographic sports. We try to use these capabilities as often as we can."

"Video is a really important component to bring to the table with advertisers," he says. "We had a goal to make the advertising content as good, as rich, as the editorial content, and I think we've succeeded."

A couple of other recommendations:

- Use interactivity as much as possible.

- Program apps to perform. "It has to be lean and mean – not everyone has high bandwidth."


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