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Miles 33 launches Multi Media Management Solution

Miles 33 launches Multi Media Management Solution

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Provides a central media asset store for Audio, Video, Text and Images for radio broadcast, TV programming, websites and newspapers

Bracknell, UK, 28 April, 2011 – Miles 33 announces its new TARK4 Multi Media Management solution designed to help media companies consolidate all their media assets into a single, centralized, content store complete with specialized production functions, 3rd party plugins and enterprise-wide management tools.

The TARK4 Multi Media Management solution combines the roles of a “traditional” Digital Asset Management system with that of a production system and of an ERP system, creating a unique solution on which to build an enterprise-wide multi media infrastructure.

Thanks to an extensible plug-in architecture, TARK4 can power 3rd party production systems such as Dalet 5 for radio broadcasts, Vidigo Studio for TV program production, Web Content Management Systems and newsroom editorial systems.

For media companies that operate different production systems for each media channel they publish to, TARK4 will consolidate operations, turning an infrastructure of disparate systems into a single, cohesive, solution where content can be shared, re-used and tracked throughout its use in all media.

Blending Asset Management with Production
The Miles 33 TARK4 system brings many special tools to such a production environment, including some extensive content planning functions for the selection, packaging, metadata management, scheduling and tracking of content across all publishing channels.

Content can be ingested from a wide variety of sources with the built-in workflow engine taking care of data transformations, routing and normalizing of all content. Users can create TARK4 “project” files that contain tasks to manage more complex content workflows. Events and notifications keep users informed of progress and prompts actions to be taken when needed.

Sporting a browser interface, users can be located anywhere yet still be alerted to the changes needed. Using a browser, content can then be updated with metadata, new translations, etc., and subsequently scheduled for inclusion in the appropriate production workflow. Versions of content, including which parts of a multi media package were used, when and where they were used, etc. are all part of the auditing tracked by the Miles 33 TARK4 system.

Highly extensible
The TARK4 system comes with a "plug-In" architecture allowing all production systems to be "connected", effectively letting the entire infrastructure act as one single, multi faceted, multimedia system. By centralising all content ingestion, data transformation, storage, metadata, workflow and planning, TARK4 allows content to be reused and republished more often and more easily.

Production system already supported include: The Dalet5 Radio Suite, the VidiGo suite for TV production, Apple's Final Cut Pro, the open source Drupal Web CMS, Kentico's closed source Web CMS, the BlueBillywig video management system and editorial content management systems such as Miles 33's own highly extensive GN4 suite.

About Miles 33
Miles 33 is a global software and solutions provider for the Publishing and Media markets. With over 30 years of experience, Miles 33 is one of the largest and longest serving providers to these industries. The current generation of solutions are designed to manage multi-media content and cover all aspects of Advertising, Editorial, Internet and Digital Asset Management to help publishers increase their revenues whilst lowering costs and improving productivity. Miles 33 has an innovative sales model that offers its customers exceptional return on their Investment. Miles 33 is backed by European Capital, the European affiliate of American Capital a publicly traded private equity firm and global asset manager with $14 billion in capital resources under management. Miles 33 has offices in Berkshire, England; Connecticut & California, USA; Victoria, Australia; Belo Horizonte, Brazil; Milan, Italy and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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