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Hot trends in newspaper publishing

Hot trends in newspaper publishing

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Four experts from WAN-IFRA presented a quick overview of the topics that will be discussed over the two-day Publish Asia conference.

Christoph Riess

Christoph Riess, CEO of WAN-IFRA, presented a snapshot of the Asian newspaper market. "Asia is vibrant," he says. "It's the area where you can see investments are made, it's a powerhouse of the world newspaper industry."

Seventy-nine of the world's 100 largest newspapers are published in Asia. Two out of three copies sold worldwide each day are sold in Asia, he says.

Manfred Werfel, Deputy CEO and Exeutive Director of Newspaper Production, outlined three trends in production: cost reduction, automation and new business models.

Cost reduction means lean production and outsourcing. Automation means automated plate change and closed loop color control. And new business models includes a trend toward commercial printing.

"Newspaper printers don't want to be limited to just newspaper printing only," he says. "They want to do commercial printing and transfer the production into a profit center as well."

Dietmar Schantin, Executive Director of Publishing, Editorial and General Management, provided a quick look at some figures the shows how public perception about media usage differs greatly from the facts.

He pointed out that 37 percent of the world's population reads a newspaper daily – more than the 25 percent who have access to the internet. By contrast, 69 percent of the world's population owns a mobile phone, representing a huge opportunity for news distribution. But it remains "potential" – 72 percent have never used a mobile application.

"The whole differentiation of whether it is print or digital isn't valid anymore – the whole concept now is, is its paid or is it free?"

When it comes to digital media, it's important to cut through the rhetoric and concentrate on core values, says Stig Nordqvist, Excutive Director of Digital and New Business Development.

"There are a lot of hype words, a lot of true words, but I'd like to talk about something else," he says. "Don't talk about the channel. You need to be thinking about how they're being used, and it needs to be useful and fun – we tend to forget that.

"We talk about charts and numbers for the mobile devices, but we forget the value of what we're doing in the digital space," he says.

"The new boss is the consumer. He's in charge of everything."


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WAN-IFRA will be providing summaries of speaker presentations from the CEO conference at Publish Asia 2011, being held in Bangkok from 27 to 29 April. Please check back for updates. Read more ...