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Growing audience online

Growing audience online

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The term "search engine optimization" is a misnomer, says Julian Sambles, Digital Operations Director of the Telegraph Media Group in the United Kingdom.

Julian Samples

"You don't optimize to Google, you optimize to the customer," he says. "Google is just the matchmaker. It's a mechanism with which we can get our content found."

In 2007, the Telegraph looked for ways to maximize it's online traffic and determined that search engine optimization was an important component. While 30 percent of traffic was coming directly to the site, 36 percent was coming through the search engines.

"Ninety percent of the people in the UK start with a search query when they start up their computer. Ninety percent of those use Google," he says.

While some companies hire specific staff to optimize for search, the Telegraph took a more organic approach, training all staff in proper web practices. Newspaper headlines don't work on the web, for example – web headlines have to include words that people search. Because people can enter the site from any page, "every page is important, every piece of content is important, because this can be the entry point."

"The digital world is happening, It's changing very quickly, and there is nothing we can do to stop that. What we have to do is adapt to that," Mr Sambles says.                                                               


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