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"Demographics are in our favor"

"Demographics are in our favor"

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While newspaper circulation in much of the world declines, it continues to grow in India. And the prospect for future growth is excellent, says Ravi Dhariwal, CEO of Bennet, Coleman & Co., the publisher of The Times of India.

Ravi Dhariwal

India's population continues to grow, as does its literacy rate, so future readership is also likely to increase, he says. Advertising growth also has great potential.

For the Times of India, it's all about brand, he says. The 173-year old paper "tries to capture our country on a particular day and the people's aspirations," he says. We don't consider the Prime Minister or the President as the leaders of India, we treat the reader as the CEO."

In a wide-ranging keynote address that presented a case study of the Times' success, Mr Dhariwal pointed to the following elements that characterizes the Times of India brand:

- It doesn't take itself too seriously. "While we do a lot of serious stuff, we don't take ourselves too seriously at all," he says. "We try a lot of different things and have fun. It generates a tremendous response."

- It has an optimistic outlook.

- It celebrates success.

- In believes in diversity.

- It provides shorter stories.

- It is affordable.

- It establishes connections. "We believe a lot of people have things to say – they're not writers, they're not editors. But we invite guest editors to have free rein to make the newspaper they like."


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