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Archant's challenge to Groupon

Archant's challenge to Groupon

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Groupon is the market leader when it comes to coupon websites. But coupon, "daily deal" or group buying sites provide a natural business for local newspapers, which have traditionally been coupon providers to local audiences.

Serge Taborin, Group Business Director of the UK regional publisher Archant, presented a case study of how the company bought the group buying site 'Tickles' and developed it in their local markets as an alternative to Groupon.

"Local relations are hugely valuable and make the product work," he says.

"There is plenty to go after and that works better for our local advertisers than Groupon," Mr Taborin says. "We have a great opportunity to integrate it into a wider offering and a much wider channel for advertisers to access a local audience."

"It's opened doors to people we never had a relationship with before, people who have never advertised in our newspapers. And we've been able to convert some of them to advertising in the newspaper as well."

Here are some of Mr Taborin's key lessons about coupon sites:

- Sales force is critical.
- Focus on the right deals
-Maintain commission rates.
-Not every deal works – 4 or 5 bad deals in a row can reduce audience.
-Variety of deals is important.
-Own assets are a valuable marketing tool.


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