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Tablets: they're personal

Tablets: they're personal

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The way the internet has changed in the past 10 years provides an indication of how the new business of tablet applications will also change, says Nic Newman, Managing Director EMEA and Head of Strategy for TigerSpike, opening the "iPad and Tablet Day" at the Digital Media Europe conference in London.

Nic Newman, Managing Director EMEA and Head of Strategy for TigerSpike

"The apps we have on tablets are going to be so fundamentally different on tablets in five years that we won't believe where we came from," he says. "The question is, how do we get there?"

Whatever tablets look like in five years, it's already clear that tablets differ from the traditional web in that it's much more personal, Mr Newman says.

"If you think about a book and a magazine and – and it's cheesy, but a baby -- you hold it within a certain space. You hold it in a much more engaging way," he says, noting that a tablet is held in the same way.

TigerSpike is an application developer for many leading media companies, with more than a million downloads of its products. Here is some of Mr Newman's insights:

- The industry generally tends to underestimate the time it takes to create a good application –12 to 18 weeks on average.

- Don't be afraid to launch a simple application that has only one or two good features but works exceptionally well – you can update it after you get it to market.

- Content is ubiquitous, user interface becomes the differentiator. "There's something emotional about it," Mr Newsman says. "It isn't technology, it's user interface, usability and design."

- Test your products, listen and learn from our audience. "Code elegantly and test it to death," he says.


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