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Tablet storytelling for the future

Tablet storytelling for the future

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The tablet phenomenon is so new, it's full potential for news storytelling is not yet realized.

David Link, Founder and Creative Director of The Wonderfactory in the United States

David Link, Founder and Creative Director of The Wonderfactory in the United States, is doing a lot of prototype work on the possibilities.

For example, one of the appeals of today's news apps is  the way they mimic print. But Link says: "the page turning metaphor will get old in the next year or less, especially for younger audiences."

Mr Link presented a "day in the life" of a future media consumer that takes full advantage of the tablet's navigation, connectivity and story-telling potential.

A couple of examples:

- Facebook can be integrated into content pages, so consumers can see who among their friends are viewing, or commenting on, the same material. "A lot of people don't care what everybody is thinking, they care about what their friends think."

- Websites in future will be heavily influenced by apps, with short pages and limited information. "Most news sites throw so much on there, there is too much choice to some extent," he says. "We think apps are really going to influence website with limited content and premium quality."

Mr Link believes most news brands are not differentiated enough. "One way to differentiate news is through the presentation of news," he says. "Experience and personality have to differentiate you more."

He said it was important to remember that "the primary audience for news is between 35 and 75 years old. A lot of young readers get bits and pieces and aren't dedicated to a brand." New tablet techniques that break away from current print/web legacy practices might change this in the future.


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