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Re-imagining magazines

Re-imagining magazines

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One month after launch, the iPad-only magazine Project is the best-selling paid app in the world.

Mike Burgess, Digital Development Director of Seven Squared

Project, a joint venture between Virgin and the agency Seven Squared,  is a "live experiment" on what a digital magazine could be, says Mike Burgess, Digital Development Director of Seven Squared.

"We wanted to re-imagine what magazines should be when we weren't bound by the legacy of print magazines," he says.

Project is tactile, since iPads have a touch screen. It changes constantly, because it's always connected. And it reacts to the environment, using geolocation and positioning.

It intersperses video, type, and photos in new ways. Tap a photo in a feature on Jeff Bridges, for example, and you'll get audio of him talking about a particular film. Thanks to audience tracking software, the publishers were able to determine this was one of the most popular features, to be continued.

Its advertising is different as well. "We couldn't just scan in magazine advertisements, it would look shoddy against this new content on these new devices," says Mr Burgess.

"We figured we would try everything," he says.


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