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Freedom, youth and mobile phones

Freedom, youth and mobile phones

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As part of their actions to observe World Press Freedom Day, newspapers can make some new mobile phone connections with youth.

One simple and effective activity is to teach a classroom about photojournalism using their mobile telephones.

Aralynn McMane, Executive Director of Young Reader Development at the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA), says one idea is to try a “ Liberty. Picture it!” action, which could be as simple as a one-class photojournalism workshop in school using mobile phones,or a more elaborate contest for the best “freedom for me” photo.

Information about these actions can be found at
The site also offers newspapers materials to publish on 3 May to commemorate World Press Freedom Day – both editorial and advertisements.

WAN-IFRA will reward innovative newspaper strategies that connect tothe young via mobile telephones in other ways with a World Young ReaderPrize in 2011, to be awarded "Newspapers and the Young in a Mobile World" at the 9th World Young Reader Conference (16-19 November in Madrid).


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