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Weathering the jobs crash

Weathering the jobs crash

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The French recruitment portal Regions Jobs was founded in 2000, but General Manager Guillaume Semblat doesn't count the company's history from then. Everything stems from before the crash, or after the crash.

General Manager Guillaume Semblat of Regions Jobs, France

Following seven good years, the company lost 3,000 job listings in four months as the global economic crash reduced the number of job listings in France by 40 percent in late 2008 and early 2009.

At the same time, new competitors entered the market, amazing as it seems – despite the downturn, job aggregators, free job classified sites, and professional social networks like Linked In appeared.

"We had new actors coming in, we lost 30 percent of our ads in four months, but we're still alive," says Mr Semblat.

How Regions Job weathered the storm was the subject of his presentation. The first step was to offer a premium service to recruiters – a consultancy service and performance guarantees – to maintain high prices. It also launched a low-cost job board on a city-by-city basis, to get closer to job seekers. And it diversified, setting up directories of training centres around the nation.

Based on the results of a survey of 300 recruiters and 2000 job seekers, Regions Job also discovered a new business opportunity – management of the "E-reputation" of both companies and potential employees, who are concerned about negative information and images that might be found about them on the web.

"Management of e-reputation and candidate community are new challenges for companies, and it's an opportunity to provide training to our clients," says Mr Semblat.


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