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Creating success stories in digital

Creating success stories in digital

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"There is nothing special about digital marketing," says Marc Huijbregts, the Worldwide Digital Director for Saatchi & Saatchi, who is talking about the phrase, not the practice.

Marc Huijbregts, Worldwide Digital Director for Saatchi & Saatchi

Mr Huijbregts says we should stop talking about digital strategy, since digital is ubiquitous and has gone mainstream.  "Nothing is digital, everything is digital," he says. "Its all seamless. If you have a strategy, just make it a strategy."

With this in mind Mr Huijbregts presented ten ideas for marketing success. Here are three of his suggestions:

- Understand the increasing complexity of media channels – some you own, some you buy, and some belong to the consumers. The third part raises an important question: "what is the consumer doing with your brand?"

- Gain insight from your audience's changing behaviour. It is more important than what platforms they're using. "Don't look at the channels so much, don't look at the growth of the channels, but what is your audience, as a behaviour, doing differently?"

- Ask the strategic questions rather than the tactical ones. If you're going to Facebook, first decide why you want to be there and what you hope to achieve. "You go from 10,000 friends on Facebook to 100,000, to 150,000, that's great, but now what are you going to do about it?


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2011-04-11 18:50

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Here are the summaries of all speaker presentations at Digital Media Europe, that was held in London from 11-13 April 2011. Read more ...

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