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Quotes from the Conference

Quotes from the Conference

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Here is what they're saying at the Digital Media Europe conference.

"What we can learn from the music industry is that nobody is going to feel sorry for old publishing houses that can't defend their old business model on new platforms."

Pontus Schultz, Head of Business Development, Bonnier R&D, Sweden

"The apps we have on tablets are going to be so fundamentally different on tablets in five years that we won't believe where we came from. The question is, how do we get there?"

Nic Newman, Managing Director EMEA & Head of Strategy, TigerSpike, United Kingdom

"The iPad is not the end, it is the beginning of a development that is very promising for us."

Romanus Otte, General Manager, Welt Online, Axel Springer, Germany

"I really don't know any other industry that is so hype driven as this. This year, we're talking about apps, we're throwing ourselves into apps without knowing how to make money. We don't know why we're doing it but we hope the money will be there at the end. Ten years ago, it was WAP. Do you remember CPA? Ringtones on the phone? We have to form a strategy, and it's not about the hype."

Morten Holst, Strategy and Business Advisor, VG Multimedia, Norway

"The users create the buzz."

Sakari Pitkanen, Senior Advisor, Prime, Sweden

 "The key thing is to play to your strengths and build your strategy on insight. It's not really about just jumping on the bandwagon like people did a few years ago on social media. It's about defining your audience, how they use content, and then building something that fits in to their behaviour."

Renate Nyborg, Head of Business Development, A&N Mobile & TV, United Kingdom, on developing a mobile strategy.

"In five or ten years, every phone will have a big screen and be a gaming device. Kids won't take books to school, they'll take an iPad to school."

Moritz Hohl, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Panfu, Young Internet, Germany

"Our business will only prosper in the future as it has in the past if we continue to attract engage and delight a growing readership/audience and in doing so solicit a reward, whether it is through cover price from our newspapers, delivering a valuable return on investment for our advertisers, shared insight on our customers through enriched data or even via our bourgeoning enterprise activity where sell products and services directly to our customers."

Kevin Beatty, CEO of A&N Media, Managing Director Associated Newspapers, United Kingdom

"If social media is a party, and you want to crash the party, you ought to bring champagne."

Marc Huijbregts, Worldwide Digital Director, Saatchi & Saatchi, United Kingdom


"People are not buying newspapers as much as they used to, but we're getting in contact with more people than ever. The target group is still there and interested in us, and they should be for a long time."

Anders Emil Moller, Director of Digital Development, JP/Politiken Hus, Denmark, on how digital platforms are making newspapers more popular than ever.

"You don't need to launch a satellite to provide TV, which reminds me of our own situation – you don't have to own a press to publish. This allows other players to enter the market."

Morten Holst, Strategy and Business Advisor, VG Multimedia, Norway

"We've tried a lot of things in the last 178 years, and there were a lot of things that didn't work. We need to be flexible and reactive enough to get out of activities that no longer work, and not stick to them for a long time."

Christian Unger, CEO, Ringier, Switzerland


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